Amtico Vinyl Tile Flooring is an outstanding alternative to plain stone tile without the draw backs. Amtico Vinyl Tile is constructed to last many years under the heaviest commercial uses. Amtico Vinyl Tile Flooring is available in many styles and colors to make each individual floor one of a kind. When you want a beautiful lasting floor with an excellent commercial warranty, Amtico Vinyl Tile is the right choice. Amtico Vinyl Tile flooring is available from Owen Carpet.

Why Amtico Vinyl Tile Flooring?


Why Amtico Vinyl Tile?

Amtico Vinyl Flooring has the most diverse selection of any vinyl on the market, so each person can find a unique vinyl floor that is right for any personality. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Amtico Vinyl Flooring Products.

Amtico is the right floor for anyone who loves the look and feel of real tile without the problems that can occur when they are installed. Only the most trained flooring professionals will be able to tell the difference between Amico and the real thing.

Amtico is made for high traffic areas such as hallways, businesses, restrooms, and most other high traffic commercial applications.

Low Maintenance:
An Amtico floor means that you will have to do the minimum amount of maintenance for an excellent floor. Caring for your Amtico floor includes sweeping/mopping regularly and other general cleaning options.

Design Versatility:
Amtico is available in over 4 different styles and over 100 different products so that you can find the exact floor you're looking for.

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