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Welcome to the next generation of Vinyl Plank Flooring. Amtico's Spacia "Push - Fit" Vinyl Plank Flooring Collection looks just like real hardwood, but offers many advantages over the real thing. Being a luxury vinyl flooring product, Spacia gives you incredible durability, long lasting finish, and super installation options over a natural hardwood product. You can install this flooring over concrete, wood, particle board, or any other solid surface. The new "Push-Fit" technology gives you a flawless method of securing the flooring not only to the floor, but the planks connect to each other as well. This will prevent any raised edges between the planks, as well as give the floor a solid smooth surface. The finish offers a slight texture, but not enough to hold dirt like many other textured surfaces. Owen Carpet is proud to offer this new Amitco flooring to our customers, and believe you will be happy for many years to come after choosing Amtico "Push-Fit" Spacia flooring for your home or office.

Installation of Amtico vinyl products requires only basic tools and very little floor preparation. All Amtico vinyl floooring is water resistant, which makes them perfect for kitchens, bath rooms, hallways, living rooms, utility rooms, and other high traffic, spill prone areas. Amtico vinyl flooring makes scratches, dents, and splinters a distant memory.

6" x 36" Push-Fit Vinyl Plank
Four Sided Tongue & Groove
Non-Beveled Square Edge
4mil (0.16 Inch) Thickness
24 sq. ft./ctn.

10-Year Residential Warranty

Amtico Spacia Push-Fit Warm Cherry
S-W4006 Warm Cherry

Amtico Installation Image

  1. Tape the floors edge with 2 strips of 2-Inch Wide Double Faced Tape

  2. Tape the floor from one wall to the other every 3 Feet

  3. Make sure to install the plank in the opposite direction of the tape

  4. Lay a plank tight in a corner

  5. Connect more planks to the first using the tongues

  6. When you reach the end, you may have to cut the end plank to make it fit correctly

  7. Make a new row of vinyl and continue installation

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