Beauflor Vinyl Flooring

The Beauflor Sirocco collection of wide width vinyl flooring offers you a wide selection of wood, stone, and ceramic styles to choose from. This beautiful vinyl flooring is quiet, comfortable underfoot, and exceptionally durable. Every Sirocco vinyl comes with Beauflor's revolutionary Flextreme backing. Flextreme is a unique polyester and nylon composite with their Power Bac technology that is a comfortable, sound absorbing polymer foam.

In addition to being quiet and comfortable underfoot, Sirocco is protected by an Engineered Composite surface of Ultragrip and Multi Protect, which make Sirocco as durable as a laminate or ceramic while being as quiet as a carpet. The added protection of Ultragrip ensures that your floor will be safe when spills or other messes happen. Multi Protect technology helps keep your floor easy to clean while minimizing stains. Enjoy Sirocco in your home today at wholesale vinyl prices and feel confident in a floor that will look great for years to come.

16' 4"
Surface Protection
Engineered Composite
Stain Resistance
Multi Protect
Sound Reduction
Flextreme w/ Power Bac
Lifetime Residential


Beauflor - Antique Oak 60S
Antique Oak 60S
Beauflor - Antique Oak 64M
Antique Oak 64M
Beauflor - Cherry Plank 46M
Cherry Plank 46M
Beauflor - Classic Oak 06M
Classic Oak 06M
Beauflor - Delphine 01S
Delphine 01S
Beauflor - Delphine 46M
Delphine 46M
Beauflor - Dublin 11L
Dublin 11L
Beauflor - Elmwood 62L
Elmwood 62L
Beauflor - Madrid 12L
Madrid 12L
Beauflor - Napoli 10S
Napoli 10S
Beauflor - Napoli 32L
Napoli 32L
Beauflor - Napoli 49E
Napoli 49E
Beauflor - Oak Plank 66D
Oak Plank 66D
Beauflor - Pisa 00S
Pisa 00S
Beauflor - Rustic Oak 39E
Rustic Oak 39E
Beauflor - Rustic Oak 60M
Rustic Oak 60M
Beauflor - Rustic Oak 94D
Rustic Oak 94D
Beauflor - Siena 01S
Siena 01S
Beauflor - Siena 31L
Siena 31L
Beauflor - Siena 69M
Siena 69M
Beauflor - Sydney 11L
Sydney 11L
Beauflor - Sydney 16M
Sydney 16M
Beauflor - Sydney 34D
Sydney 34D
Beauflor - Toulouse 10L
Toulouse 10L
Beauflor - Wild Cherry 64M
Wild Cherry 64M

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