Beaulieu of America

Beaulieu is a top-notch carpet manufacturer and Beaulieu has realized the importance of keeping our environment healthy. Beaulieu makes carpet that absorbs common household particles like pet dander, dust, and pollen. The Beaulieu Carpet Fibers trap these particles and are easily removed using CRI-approved vacuum cleaners.

Beaulieu Commercial's Green Standard | Beaulieu Recycles
Beaulieu's Green Power | Nexterra Carpet Tile Backing


Beaulieu Commercial's Green Standard

Beaulieu's Commercial Branch is leading the pack in the "green" transition. Beaulieu Commercial President James Lesslie says that "We have only one tile line." This means that all commercial tile made by Beaulieu contains recycled materials and the production is powered by wind. Beaulieu has been stated to be the first carpet manufacturer to use recycled content in 100% of its products.


Beaulieu Recycles

Every bottle that Beaulieu recieves is sorted, cleaned, and processed in order to make every carpet product possible. It has been reported that every Beaulieu product is made with two pounds of recycled materials. President Lesslie has stated that "Environmental responsibility is part of every one of our purchasing, operating and manufacturing decisions."

Bottles in a Landfill Carpet


Beaulieu's Green Power

Beaulieu's Green Power Purchase in 2008 saved an estimated 12 million pounds of gaseous emissions from rising to and infecting our atmosphere. The 2008 Green buy was the equivalent of taking over 1,200 vehicles off of our roads for a year. Thanks to Beaulieu's environmental standards, Beaulieu has obtained the privilage of joining the EPA’s Green Power Partners’ Leadership Club.

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Nexterra Carpet Tile Backing

Beaulieu Commercial has developed a revolutionary carpet tile backing that is made from 85% recycled content. Nexterra Carpet Tile Backing is made with no dangerous chemicals so it saves the environment from harsh production gases. Nexterra backing is Green-e renewable resource certified and is powered by 100% renewable resources. Nexterra requires no curing oven or water so it produces no energy or water waste. Nexterra is completely PVC-free and is made with recycled P.E.T. bottles and glass from windshields and other sources.