Beaulieu Carpet

Beaulieu Carpet is available in a variety of collections and brands to help suit your carpet needs. Each of the collections from Beaulieu focus on different aspects of the carpet spectrum and tailor to different tastes. Owen Carpet has compiled a brief summary of some of Beaulieu's carpet collections to offer a representation of its use.

Beaulieu and Coronet

Beaulieu Carpet
Coronet Carpet
Beaulieu and Coronet is at the heart of the Beaulieu carpet line. They bring together a complete cross section of residential carpet styles. Beaulieu and Coronet products represent the most complete selection of residential carpet styles; from cut piles to berbers to friezes and loops crafted of nylon, polypropylene, and P.E.T. polyester yarns. Plus, don't overlook their must-have commercial products.


Hollytex focuses on quality, highly styled, and innovated products. They are recognized by the industry as a cut above the rest. Hollytex brand was chosed to be the standard bearer for Beaulieu's introductions. The collections offered from Hollytex include the best technologies for your carpet such as Stainmaster solution-dyed nylon structured for ultimate performance. With Hollytex, you know you are getting the highest quality with the aesthetic styles.