Blue Ribbon is a 55oz. trackless polyester plush carpet available in three neutral colors to help accent any room in your home. Blue Ribbon is an excellent residential carpet because it is made of P.E.T. Polyester carpet fiber which is inherently stain resistant. This polyester carpet fiber provides vibrant colors and stain resistance. This trackless polyester plush carpet provide excellent durability at a cheap discount carpet price to fit your budget. Blue Ribbon comes with 5-year stain, 5-year texture retention, and 10-year wear warranties to ensure that the carpet in your home will continue to look great for years to come.

$11.97/sq.yd. = $1.33/sq.ft.

55oz Trackless Plush Carpet
100% P.E.T. Polyester
Great Warranties
3 Neutral Colors In Stock
Available 12ft & 15ft Wide

Blue Ribbon Trackless Plush Carpet P.E.T. Polyester Carpet

Blue Ribbon Trackless Plush Carpet P.E.T. Polyester Carpet

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