Carefree is a 55oz. trackless polyester plush carpet made with with a slew of extras to provide your home with the best protection and durability available at a cheap discount carpet price. Carefree is made of P.E.T. Polyester FiberEssence fiber. FiberEssence Polyester provides; enhanced no-pill-no-fuzz characteristics, superior stain resistance, incredible color clarity for richer colors, and engineered for greater durability and performance.

In addition to being made with FiberEssence Polyester, Carefree has Magic Fresh carpet treatment to give your carpet exclusive self-renewing, odor-destroying capabilities. The Magic Fresh is a specially formulated anti-microbial carpet treatment that effectively destroys all common household odors, pet odors, and cigarette smoke. To make Carefree a complete discount carpet solution for your home, it contains a LuxuryBac to provide a soft backing to your carpet.

LuxuryBac is a soft carpet backing that makes installing residential carpet easy. It prevents damage to walls and baseboards, and keeps spills from seeping into your subfloor for easy cleaning. Carefree comes with Permashield which is an anti-stain technology to provide a 10-year stain protection warranty. Carefree also comes with 10-year wear, 5-year texture retention, 10-year no wrinkle, and 5-year fade resistance warranties.

$18.63/sq.yd. = $2.07/sq.ft.

55oz Trackless Plush Carpet
Will not Pill or Fuzz
MAGIC FRESH Anti-Microbial Carpet Treatment
Destroys Odor Causing Bacteria

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Quantity Discounts are Available
Carefree Trackless Plush Carpet Fiber Essence Polyester Luxury Bac
Carefree Trackless Plush Carpet Fiber Essence Polyester Luxury Bac
Carefree Trackless Plush Carpet Fiber Essence Polyester Luxury Bac

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