Carpet and Rug Institute

The Carpet and Rug Institute is a non-profit trade association based out of Dalton, GA. The purpose of CRI is to "help increase consumers’ satisfaction with carpet and to show them how carpet creates a better environment."

Carpet is the most widely used floor covering product, 70% of all floors are carpeted, and it is important to see how the carpet industry impacts our daily lives. CRI believes that sustainability is the key to improving our carpet manufacturing processes. The Carpet and Rug Institute is helping manufacturers to achive goals, like no accidents in the workplace, no harm to the environment, and other ethical practices by publishing the CRI Sustainability Report.

Thanks to CRI, most carpet manufacturers realize that recycling used carpet is important in order to reduce the number of harmful manufacturing processes and to remove the harmful carpet out of our landfills. CRI has been a leading contributor of finding uses for the carpet manuafacturing
by-products, some examples include cutting excess carpet to make rugs, sold to recycling to plants to make carpet pad and other products, and reused for other processes on-site.

Green Label and Green Label PlusIndoor Air Quality

CRI knows that it is important for the industry to care for themselves, as well as the customers, and thats why CRI created the Green Label and Green Label Plus Air Quality Certifications. All products that are tested for this certification are tested by independent labs and are designed for architects, builders, specifiers and facility managers who want assurance that the products that are installed will be the safest products they can obtain. Currently, carpet, Carpet Pad, Adhesive, and Vacuum Cleaners are tested for Indoor Air Quality.

CRI Seal Of ApprovalSeal of Approval

Carpet Cleaning can be very difficult and some carpet cleaning products work better than others. The CRI Seal of Approval program identifies effective carpet cleaning solutions and equipment that clean carpet right the first time and protect a facility’s carpet investment. The Carpet and Rug Institute tests these carpet cleaners by using NASA-enhanced x-ray fluorescence (XRF) to measure the precise amount of Soil, the carpet cleaning products are then rated under three levels; Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Carpet RecyclingCarpet America Recovery Effort (CARE):
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

CARE is a program that develops market-based solutions for recycling and reusing post-consumer carpet. CARE’s mission is to foster market-based solutions for recovering value from discarded carpet to meet the goals of the negotiated outcomes. CARE is funded and administered by the carpet industry which agrees to:

  • Enhance the collection infrastructure for post-consumer carpet
  • Serve as a resource for technical, economic and market development opportunities for recovered carpet
  • Develop and perform quantitative measurement and reporting on progress toward the national goals for carpet recovery
  • Work collectively to seek and provide funding opportunities for activities to support the national goals for carpet recovery.

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