Custom Sized Bound Area Rugs


Through a special trailor load purchase, we are able to offer these carpet prints at a huge discount over special ordered materials. Since they are all in stock, we are offering to cut and bind the edges of these carpets into whatever size you may need at a special price well below the wholesale cost on these particular carpets.
This price includes the binding charges which normally runs $2.00/lineal foot of the rug edge.

Bear in mind, that you must purchase the full width of the carpet used to make your rug. For example, if you want a rug that is 10ft x 8ft and the piece we have is 12ft wide, then you are buying a 12ft x 8ft piece of material and we will cut it down to 10ft x 8ft and bind the edges of that piece. We will use the extra material in order to center up the pattern as best as possible, or if the pattern allows we can bind the edges of the waste into another area rug for you as well.

Free Shipping for rugs up to 6ft x 9ft
Call for shipping charges on rugs over 6ft x 9ft

Example of figuring the cost of a Custom Size Area Rug:
A 10ft x 8ft rug is calculated 12 x 8 = 96sq.ft. @ $1.99 = $191.04
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You can view the maximum sizes available at this price for each pattern by visiting our