Congoleum Vinyl Flooring

Congoleum DuraPlank is Congoleum's top of the line vinyl plank flooring. DuraPlank is available in timeless hardwood flooring shades that will leave your floor looking like real hardwood. As versatile as it is durable, DuraPlank can be customized with Congoelum DuraCeramic. This unique feature allows you to make custom designs around your home, leaving you with a unique and elegant design. Congoelum DuraPlank resists moisture, so it can be installed above or below grade, and with or without grout. All DuraPlank vinyl floors are backed by a Lifelong limited Congoleum warranty. Enjoy this truly versatile vinyl plank flooring in your home at wholesale vinyl plank prices that will fit your budget.

4 ½" x 36"

Congoleum DuraPlank Vinyl Plank Flooring

DuraPlank - DCP-01 Ginger
DCP-01 Ginger
DuraPlank - DCP-02 Nutmeg
DCP-02 Nutmeg
DuraPlank - DCP-03 Paprika
DCP-03 Paprika
DuraPlank - DCP-10 Blonde
DCP-10 Blonde
DuraPlank - DCP-11 Amber
DCP-11 Amber
DuraPlank - DCP-12 Cayenne
DCP-12 Cayenne
DuraPlank - DCP-20 Olive
DCP-20 Olive
DuraPlank - DCP-21 Honey
DCP-21 Honey
DuraPlank - DCP-22 Cocoa
DCP-22 Cocoa

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