Custom designer rugs add a feeling of unique signature style to your home. With our Custom Bordered Rugs, you can have traditional or modern designs in your home. You get to pick how the rug is laid out, and know that you have a unique creation that you designed. Bordered rugs are perfect for any home, without the worry of distracting from the rest of the room. These custom border rugs are an excellent choice for your home. They are versatile, and can be used in more than just the area they were designed for. Enjoy are custom bordered rug in your home today at wholesale prices.

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2600 Apollo
2520 Dynasty
3410 Esquire
2700 Heirloom
3120 Interplay
2100 Marathon
3050 Navarro
2510 Provincial
2500 Regency
2400 Stately
2200 Tempo
2300 Traditions