Discount Carpet Tile is an excellent do it yourself option for any basement, game room, retail store, office, or any place you want a high traffic durable commercial carpet. Glue them down to your floor using pressure sensitive carpet tile adhesive which allows you to remove them later with little trouble. Pressure sensitive adhesive dries leaving a sticky residue similar to a sticky note, which makes your carpet tiles easy to replace if one becomes damaged or soiled in heavy traffic areas.

Truck Load Carpet Tile Sale

These commercial carpet tiles are overruns and closeouts They can be installed using Pressure Sensitive Carpet Tile Adhesive or double faced tape in some areas. This is the cheapest, easiest way to cover your floor. These commercial carpet tiles are great for almost any basement, work room, home gym, enclosed porch, or other area where you want a short tight commercial carpet that will wear well for many years. Carpet Tiles are Great Do It Yourself Items.


Mix and Match Carpet Tiles


Visit Our Clearance Section For All available Patterns and Colors


If you need a carpet tile at wholesale carpet tile prices that includes a full warranty then please visit our Shaw Carpet Tile or Milliken Carpet Tile pages for running line commercial carpet tiles with full manufacturer warranties.

If you want to add some flair to your commercial or high traffic area with colorful carpet tile patterns that will brighten up any area you should visit our Kid Carpet Tile and Free Pattern Carpet Tile pages.


2' X 2' Carpet Tiles

Some examples of carpet tiles come in our CLEARANCE CARPET TILE section. These carpet tiles are priced from 50-80% of their original value. Orders over $1200 SHIP FREE! 100's of different colors and patterns available on 1st come, 1st served basis and samples are available for your approval.

Extreme-Tile  Beige/Gold/Gray

6232 SqFt

 $1.32sq ft
 $1.19sq f

Walkwave-Tile  Flashback

3848 SqFt

 $1.02sq ft
 $0.92sq ft

Nylon LL20 EW24  Roll It Out

1281 SqFt
Nylon LL20 EW24
Roll It Out 

 $1.32sq ft
 $1.19sq ft

Peace of Mind EW24  Purple/Green

1156 SqFt
Peace of Mind EW24 

 $1.32sq ft
 $1.19sq ft

Nylon 34PC EL24  Cut Grass

15928 SqFt
Nylon 34PC EL24 
Cut Grass 

 $1.32sq ft
 $1.19sq ft

12 Square  Viewfinder

6484 SqFt
12 Square 

 $1.26sq ft

Forma  Blue

3312 SqFt

  $3.12sq ft

 $1.32sq ft

Yarn Accent Tile  Chocolate

2964 SqFt
Yarn Accent Tile 

 $1.51sq ft
 $1.36sq ft

Milliken 36" X 36" Patterned Carpet Tile

We are happy to present a super selection ofCustom Milliken Discounted Carpet Tile overruns at prices you will not find anywhere else. These Discount Milliken Carpet Tiles are High Quality Over Runs, and Closeouts with an attached cushion backing. Milliken has long been known for it's unique design options which are apparent in the selections we receive in these truck load carpet tile purchases. If you have any question about the quality of these carpet tiles, please consult with one of our professional carpet sales personnel.
Below are a few examples of colors and patterns. To see more visit our Clearance Section.
SPFruits and Squares-Tile  FRUITS & SQUARES
1368 SqFt
SPFruits and Squares-Tile 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq ft
SP1010-Tile-36 X 36  546428-10761
1575 SqFt
SP1010-Tile-36 X 36 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq ft

Cannon-Tile-36 X 36  Custom 291
2502 SqFt
Cannon-Tile-36 X 36 
Custom 291 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq ft

SP1002-Tile-36 X 36  546247-11213
2187 SqFt
SP1002-Tile-36 X 36 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq ft

Custom 36 X 36  Custom 00398
1260 SqFt
Custom 36 X 36 
Custom 00398 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq ft
Discovery-Tile-36 X 36  Linea Shetla
2538 SqFt
Discovery-Tile-36 X 36 
Linea Shetla 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq f

Custom 36 X 36  Custom 00460
3006 SqFt
Custom 36 X 36 
Custom 00460 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq f

SP1010-Tile-36 X 36  546428-12771
5877 SqFt
SP1010-Tile-36 X 36 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq f
GD Plaza Custom 36 X 36  Tile 3
1080 SqFt
GD Plaza Custom 36 X 36 
Tile 3 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq f
SP1013-Tile-36 X 36  546988-27007
981 SqFt
SP1013-Tile-36 X 36 

 $0.99sq ft
 $0.89sq f


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