Flexitec Vinyl Flooring

Flexitec's Mega vinyl flooring collection is a versatile vinyl flooring with a long-lasting wear layer. Flexitec vinyl flooring is perfect for the DIY do-it-yourself installation due to its cushion back. Flexitec Mega has added protection for your with its Leogrip Slip Resistant finish. This is the prefect solution for busy areas that are prone to spills, like kitchens. Mega comes in wide 13' 2" widths for fewer seams. Enjoy the depth of elegance that Mega vinyl flooring can add to any room of your home with their realistic stone, wood, and tile patterns that are available in a variety of colors to complement any room. With a Flexitec floor, you can expect quality and functionality at affordable wholesale vinyl flooring prices.


Call 1-800-626-6936 for Pricing on Special Ordered Patterns
Flexitec Mega - Arizona 739
Arizona 739
Flexitec Mega - Brick 593
Brick 593
Flexitec Mega - Chatel 901
Chatel 901
Flexitec Mega - Luzor 741
Luzor 741
Flexitec Mega - Nero 937
Nero 937
Flexitec Mega - Nero 997
Nero 997
Flexitec Mega - Peru 933
Peru 933
Flexitec Mega - Peru 943
Peru 943
Flexitec Mega - Sahara 935
Sahara 935
Flexitec Mega - Sahara 946
Sahara 946
Flexitec Mega - Salvador 945
Salvador 945

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