Freight Rate Region Map

There are several variables that come into play when figuring the freight cost for your flooring shipment including: type of product or products, quantities, destination, method of delivery, carrier, timing of shipment, shipment value, and fuel costs to mention a few. With the wide variety of products and options we provide it is impossible to give an exact freight cost without knowing all the details. However, the chart below is provided so that you will have some idea of what to expect. We will give you an exact total including freight costs before invoicing your order. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific situation at 1-800-626-6936.

To Avoid Residential Delivery Charges - Arrange Pick-Up at Freight Terminal

Region 1: 2-3 Days ($.55 or less per sq. yard)
Region 2: 3-5 Days ($1.25 or less per sq. yard)
Region 3: 4-7 Days ($1.25+ per sq. yard)
Region 4: 5-10 Days ($1.25+ per sq. yard)

All freight charges are subject to a minimum charge.
Residential & Job Site Delivery Fees Vary
All Freight Prices here are Estimates Only


In shipping your carpet our shipping department exercises great care in preparing your carpet for shipping. Each roll is individually wrapped and sealed in strong weather tight polyurethane film to assure added protection during transportation.

When it comes to shipping your carpet common carrier is the most economical way. We here in Dalton ship by square yard rates vs. poundage rates in every other part of the country. We will pass our volume shipping rate onto you, our valued customers, for a savings of up to 50%! When our carpet is shipped outside the state of Georgia, there will be no sales tax charged to your order (6%), which will greatly offset the shipping charges incurred.

We make every effort that your order will be shipped by the most reputable and economical carrier that delivers into your area. Once your order arrives in your area, the carrier will give you a 24 to 48 hour advanced call to schedule your delivery. Generally you will need someone to help receive your order and remove it from the delivery truck.

Roadway Express
Southeastern Freight Lines
Watkins Motor Lines
Old Dominion Fright Line