We at Owen Carpet are proud to support GREEN Technology. While we actively recycle all the paper, cardboard, metal, and plastics that we use at our facility on a daily basis, we also want to show you how various flooring manufacturers are meeting the needs of our Planet by reducing green house gases, and recycling the various components of the flooring they manufacture. Read more about what each of these manufacturers are doing to keep their flooring GREEN.

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Beaulieu Green Flooring
Beaulieu Green Flooring has been a leading innovator in the advancement of environmentally friendly flooring. Beaulieu not only produces green products, but uses renewable energy to produce them. Beaulieu is proud to make environmentally friendly flooring.
Milliken Green Flooring
Milliken Green Flooring is a world leader in protecting our environment. Roger Milliken believed that in order for the industry to continue, we must give back to the planet. Milliken has planted trees for the past 60 years and has produced many long lasting flooring products.
Mohawk Greenworks
Mohawk Greenworks is one of the oldest green flooring manufacturers around. Mohawk recycles and reuses old flooring to give floors an antique look, as well as save landfills from the thousands of pounds of waste. Mohawk is doing its part to save our planet.
Shaw Green Edge
Shaw's Green Edge program's goal is not only to make our flooring cleaner, but to make the distribution cleaner as well. Shaw is currently working on a Biodiesel deal that will reduce their emissions and drastically reduce the need for foreign oil. Shaw is trying to remove its mark on the world and changing the way they produce flooring.