10 lb Residential Carpet Pads
8lb 5/16" Frothed Polyurethane
5/16" Blue
30 sq.yd. / roll
8lb 3/8" Frothed Polyurethane
3/8" Gold
30 sq.yd. / roll
8lb 7/16" Frothed Polyurethane
7/16" Green
30 sq.yd. / roll
Commercial - Hospitality Carpet Pads
8lb 5/16" Frothed Polyurethane
1/4" C12-250
30 sq.yd. / roll
8lb 5/16" Frothed Polyurethane
1/4" C16-250 / C16-175
Heavy Commercial
30 sq.yd. / roll
8lb 5/16" Frothed Polyurethane
3/16" C22-175
Extra Heavy Commercial
30 sq.yd. / roll

Healthier Choice carpet padding is manufactured with 100% new visco elastic mechanically frothed polyurethane materials with ultra fresh antimicrobial chemicals. Healthier Choice pad will virtually eliminate odor causing mold, mildew, and fungus that come in contact with the padding. The composition of the Healthier Choice padding is environmentally friendly due to it not containing the harmful chemicals found in other carpet pad products. This ensures that your home's indoor air quality healthier.

Why Healthier Choice Pad:
• The Best Indoor Air Quality: No Penta Bromide Additive, B.H.T., and 4-P.C. are used.
• Lowest Total V.O.C. Emissions per hr: 72.9, 12-14 times less than other carpet pad emissions.
• Unparalleled Comfort Underfoot: Frothed Polyurethane is an excellent cushion to support your carpet.
• Moisture Barrier Properties: Stops, contains & helps eliminate spills away from the carpet.
• Insulates your home: Healthier Choice pad has a .036-1.55 R-Factor
• Noise Reduction: Absorbs 60-87% of impact sound noise
• Excellent when used with radiant heated floors: Allows for superior heat transfer from radiant heated sub-floors to the carpet
• Will not bottom out: 8-10 times greater load bearing properties than other carpet pads to extend the life and beauty of your carpet.
• Fire Retardant: Healthier Choice pad has passed all the fire codes of residential and commercial carpet, unlike other polyurethane pad which is flammable.