Karndean Knight-Tile Flooring

Karndean's Knight-Tile Vinyl Tile collection brings you the look and feel of real ceramic, slate, and porcelain tile with all the bennifits that come with commercial grade vinyl flooring. No more cold feet during the winter because Karndean's Knight-Tile is warm underfoot. It will never chip or crack because it is made from commerical grade vinyl tile.

12" x 12 " Vinyl Embossed Planks
12 mil
Wear layer Thickness
80 mil Overall Thickness
36 sq./ft. per box
12 Year Warranty

Karndean Vinyl Flooring Vinyl Tile
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Sahara
CM1 Sahara
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Arctic
CM2 Arctic
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Sandstone
ST1 Sandstone
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Aurora
ST3 Aurora
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Medina
ST4 Medina
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Soapstone
ST5 Soapstone
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Midnight Black
T74 Midnight Black
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Shale
T81 Shale
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Serpentine
T82 Serpentine
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Basalt
T83 Basalt
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Copper
T84 Copper
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Dolomite
T86 Dolomite
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Calcite
T87 Calcite
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Onyx
T88 Onyx
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Andecite
T89 Andecite
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Carrara
T90 Carrara

The decorative borders are complete with angeled edges and a textures surface, making it even more difficult to tell the difference between a Karndean Vinyl Tile Flooring and the real thing.

Each border is complemented with a specific corner design and is made up of a background color (which is the same color as your main floor) and an inset color (chosen as a contrast to create a defined look).
Rhombus Decorative Boarder
Block Decorative Boarder
Design Strips
Complete the look of your Knight-Tile Vinyl Tile floor by adding a decorative strip. Whether you are trying to create a natural trim effect or personalize a style of your own, a decorative strip is the perfect finishing touch.

A Design Strip is a strip which has been cut from another tile or woodplank. They are available in 5mm, 10mm, 30mm, or 76mm widths. The narrower widths are more effective when choosing a metalic or rock trim design.
Soapstone Design Strip
ST5 Soapstone
Sandstone Design Strip
ST1 Sandstone
Sahara Design Strip
CM1 Sahara
Sycamore Design Strip
KP32 Sycamore
Beech Design Strip
D504 Beech
Cedar Design Strip
KP35 Cedar
Walnut Design Strip
KP36 Walnut
American Oak Design Strip
KP40 American Oak
Sienna Design Strip
KP107 Sienna
Rosewood Design Strip
KP23 Rosewood
Onyx Design Strip
T88 Onyx
Neopolitan Brick Design Strip
MX93 Neopolitan Brick
Feature Strips
Available in six colors at 5mm wide, Karndean feature strips can be used on tile floors to give the effect of a natural grout line. They can also be used to create a very subtle border or ships decking effect to complement woodplanks.
Beige Feature Strip
Black Feature Strip
Brown Feature Strip
Gold Feature Strip
Grey Feautre Strip
Light Brown Feautre Strip
Light Brown

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Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring