Karndean Van Gogh

Karndean's Van Gogh Vinyl Plank collection brings all the warmth and comforting feel of hardwood and the durability and practicality of Vinyl Flooring in one easy to maintain Vinyl Plank. Commercial grade Vinyl Plank allows for your busy lifestyle to not interfere with having a beautiful floor in your home, office, or commercial outlet. The Van Gogh collection comes in to styles of vinyl plank to fit perfectly with any decor. There is the Barnwood style that gives you the option of creating a rustic feel and a Grandewood that bring the option of wide vinyl planks to accent the home.

Barnwood / Grandewood
48" x 7 "
Vinyl Embossed Planks
20 mil
Wear layer Thickness
120 mil Overall Thickness
35 sq./ft. per box
15 Year Warranty

Karndean Vinyl Flooring Vinyl Plank
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Brachen
VG1-7 Brachen
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Burnt
VG5-7 Burnt Ginger
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Copper Gum
VGW33t Copper Gum
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Tasmanian Wattle
VGW38t Tasmanian Wattle
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Antique Karri
VGW39t Antique Karri
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Melbourne Larch
VGW40t Melbourne Larch
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Merbau
VGW41t Merbau
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Jatoba
VGW42t Jatoba
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Lancewood
VGW44t Lancewood
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Antique Matali
VGW48t Matali
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Rimu
VGW49t Rimu
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Macrocarpa
VGW50t Macrocarpa
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Aged Kauri
VGW51t Aged Kauri
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Auckland Oak
VGW52t Auckland Oak
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Wellington Oak
VGW53t Wellington Oak
Karndean Vinyl Flooring Christchurch Oak
VGW54t Christchurch Oak

Design Strips
Complete the look of your Van Gogh Vinyl Plank floor by adding a decorative strip. Whether you are trying to create a natural trim effect or personalize a style of your own, a decorative strip is the perfect finishing touch.

A Design Strip is a strip which has been cut from another tile or woodplank. They are available in 5mm, 10mm, 30mm, or 76mm widths. The narrower widths are more effective when choosing a metallic or rock trim design.
Scandinavian Beech Design Strip
RP04 Scandinavian Beech
Australian Walnut Design Strip
RP41 Australian Walnut

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