KempasKempas Hardwood Flooring originated from the countries Malaysia and Indonesia. Kempas is considered to be one of the hardest, most dent resistant woods in the world with a Janka Hardness Rating of 1710.

The color variations of Kempas depend on the type of wood, but because every color tone of Kempas looks great with all the others. Kempas Sapwood can vary from a yellow to a pale-white color, while Kempas Heartwood can vary from a orange-red to a reddish-brown.

Kempas Hardwood is made that with an interlocking, sometimes spiraled, grain. The grain of this type of wood is somewhat lusterous and is course in texture. The look of the grain can meld together many different ways, but the texture of Kempas wood will always be even.

Kempas Solid HardwoodAcacia Room Scene
If you are considering Kempas hardwood, remember that it is resistant to decay, very strong, and keeps the same texture under friction. If you have any questions concerning Kempas or Kempas products, call us at 1-800-626-6936.

These are some Kempas Products we offer.


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