Laminate Flooring requires Laminate Underlayment just like carpet requires pad. Laminate Underlayments have many different qualities that could make your floor warmer and quieter. Here we have many underlayments that you can choose from based on your needs and budget.


3-in-1 Laminate Underlayment

Roberts 3-in-1

This laminate underlayment is made of 3/32 in. polyethylene foam. 3-in-1 is an ideal underlayment for above grade uses.This underlayment can even correct minor subfloor imperfections. 3-in-1 comes in rolls of 100 sq.ft. each. Every roll of 3-in-1 is made in America.


Silver Star Laminate Underlayment

Roberts 3-in-1

Silver Star has an EPE of 3mm. Each Silver Star Roll is 7 lbs and comes in 200 sq.ft./roll. This laminate is made of 45 Micron pp Metallic Film. The metallic film acts as a moisture barrier to ensure your floor will last for many years.


Floor Muffler Laminate Underlayment

Floor Muffler

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology that employs high-performance polypropylene foam, The FloorMuffler® is a patent-pending underlayment that virtually eliminates the harsh reflective noise of laminate and engineered floors. The result is a quieter, more subdued sound similar to traditional hardwood floors. With this underlayment you will not need additional foam. Floor Muffler underlayment is a Certified Quality System under ISO 9001:2000. FloorMuffler is the most effective underlayment for controlling foot-fall noise.

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