Sunny Daze, bright yellow accent rugs and carpet can make a room turn from bland to WOW! If you want to choose a bright yellow to create the perfect look in any room, Sunny Daze is without a doubt the right choice! This color represents laughter, sunshine and an outgoing nature. It is also a perfect option for a conversation piece as either an area rug or wall to wall carpet. Sunny Daze is also a green label certified carpet product and has a solid warranty in both the plush and shag frieze option. Make all of your friends envious with a Sunny Daze room.


Light - Sunny Daze
$12.33/sq.yd. = $1.37/sq.ft.
12ft. Wide Plush Carpet


Fluffy - Sunny Daze
$14.94/sq.yd. = $1.66/sq.ft.
12ft. Wide Plush Carpet
Sunny Daze

Bright Color Kid Carpets and Rugs

Light and Fluffy - Sunny Daze
Light and Fluffy - Froggy
Light and Fluffy - Mod Green
Light and Fluffy - Blue Ice
Light and Fluffy - Crazy Blue
Light and Fluffy - Plum Fabulous
Light and Fluffy - Purple Vogue
Light and Fluffy - Fairy Princess
Light and Fluffy - Pink Diamond
Light and Fluffy - Just Peachy
Light and Fluffy - On Fire

Light Rug Sizes

3' X 5' = $90.00
4' X 6'= $109.00
5' X 8'= $139.00
6' X 9'= $169.00

Fluffy Rug Sizes

3' X 5' = $99.00
4' X 6'= $119.00
5' X 8'= $149.00
6' X 9'= $179.00
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  • FHA Approved
  • 100% P.E.T. Filament Polyester
  • Advanced Soil Protection
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified
  • 7-Year Stain Warranty
  • 10-Year Wear Warranty
  • 5-Year Limited Texture Retention Warranty (Fluffy)
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