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Milliken is a flooring leader in environmental protection and using recycled products. Milliken believes that we must give back to the environment not only for the flooring industry, but for our future as well. Milliken has developed over 2,000 patents to try and help their flooring products last longer and maintain better. Milliken genuinely cares about the environment and tries to make flooring products that will help keep flooring out of our landfills.


Milliken Environmental Information

Milliken has made a huge impact on the flooring industries concerns about the environment. Roger Milliken has led the company to plant millions of trees for the past 60 years. Roger Milliken saw that, in order to keep the environment healthy and the flooring business running smoothly, we must give back to the environment we need so desperatly. Roger Milliken has made Milliken so well renowned that the Milliken headquarters is a national leader in preserving knowledge of noble trees.

planting Trees

Milliken Product Information

Milliken has taken green flooring to a new level to make sure that, since 1999, no Milliken Carpet product has been dumped into a landfill. Milliken has developed a No Carpet Landfill Pledge in order to restore the already used carpet as much as possible. Through the No Carpet Landfill Pledge, Milliken is able to restore most carpet products then gives them to charity.

Carpet Recycling Process

Milliken is so dedicated to the environment that it not only recycles its waste, but makes 90% of its products last under "SEVERE WEAR." Thanks to Milliken's special carpet production methods, the carpet manufactured by Milliken lasts for many more years than other carpet brands. Milliken makes these products because they continually monitor their products life cycles. Milliken believes that stewardship is more than just recycling, and they make their products reflect that opinion.

Milliken Green Carpet Pads

Milliken has developed many new and innovative ways to produce new products in order to stop needless waste. In 1986 Milliken developed a no PVC carpet backing. Thanks to this small change, Milliken estimates that 800 million pounds of PVC out of our already full landfills. TractionBack, from Milliken, is bio-based installation process that uses no adhesives. Milliken produced TractionBack to save installers from messy glue and make carpet installation simple. Milliken's ES Backing System contains 35% recycled materials to make all Milliken Modular Carpet Products environmentally friendly.

Milliken TractionBack

Milliken Carpet Life Extenders

Milliken developes products daily to help improve the life of your floor. Comfort Plus Cushion Backing is a modular carpet backing that insulates the carpet and acts just like a shock absorber in order to keep appearance retention. The First Appearances entryway system traps loose dirt at key building points to safely and effectively lengthen carpet life. Millicare Textile and Carpet Care is made to increase air quality and extend carpet life, just aim and spray.

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