Milliken Legato Carpet TileMilliken has released a new beautiful carpet tile collection called Legato. All Legato Carpet Tiles are constructed to fit together perfectly on almost all subfloors. This makes installation a breeze and you will have a beautiful new carpet floor in just a few short hours. Since these carpet tiles are designed to fit together, all you have to do to replace a damaged one is pull it up and put a new one in its place.

Legato Carpet Tile can be installed in any pattern making you the designer of your new floor. This means you can have a custom floor design without paying for a custom floor design.

Milliken Tesserae Carpet Panel Owen Carpet Tesserae Thanks to MilliGuard Protective Finish, all of these carpet tiles are made to last under residential uses. These tiles have a SpringStep II attached pad to ensure a soft feel underfoot. All carpet tiles are 19.7" x 19.7" to make every tile replacement or the first installation as quick and painless as possible.

Thanks to AlphaSan odor technology, every Legato Tile is protected from mold and mildew buildup. TractionBack makes every carpet tile stay in place after every installation (it works just like a stik-it note). Legato Carpet Tile may be installed on any surface that is smooth, level, and clean.



Milliken Plush Carpet Tile
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Milliken WearOn Nylon Carpet Fiber

The Embrace Collection is made of 100% Milliken-Certified Wearon Nylon Carpet Fiber. Embrace is available in 19 colors, so you can make a solid color floor or a custom design.


Milliken Frieze Carpet Tile
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Legato Touch Seadunes Legato Touch Tradewinds


Milliken Frieze Carpet Tile
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Legato™ Fuse is a collection of bold geometric designs - offered in 50cm tile format. Mix and match them to create area rugs or a wall-to-wall look. The attached cushion features TractionBack®. This glue-free installation keeps the tiles in place with no messy residue



Legato Fuse Block Avocado Legato Fuse Stripe Avocado Legato Fuse Texture Avocado
Legato Fuse Block Bimini Blue Legato Fuse Stripe Bimini Blue Legato Fuse Texture Bimini Blue
Legato Fuse Block Casual Cream Legato Fuse Stripe Casual Cream Legato Fuse Texture Casual Cream
Legato Fuse Block Red Rush Legato Fuse Stripe Red Rush Legato Fuse Texture Red Rush
  Legato Fuse Texture Deep Olive Legato Fuse Texture Inkbottle Blue Legato Fuse Texture Java Brown