Milliken Carpet

Milliken Carpet represents a true marriage of function and form, offering unparalleled advantages in style and innovation; flexibility and performance; value and price. With more than 1,800 patents and the largest textile research center in the world, Milliken's global manufacturing operations include more than 14,000 associates working in more than 65 facilities worldwide.

Why Milliken Carpet?

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Why Milliken Carpet

Fibers are the foundation for carpet and Milliken Carpets and Rugs are engineered with only premium quality nylon fiber and New Zealand wool. By using only the finest raw material, they form a strong base for the superb appearance and durability of their carpets and rugs.

High Twist Durability For High Performance
"Feel" and weight do not necessarily equal value and quality in carpet and rugs. Carpet and rug performance is directly related to twist. The more the twist in the yarns, the more traffic the carpet can withstand before it starts to crush and mat. Retaining texture is vital to maintaining the beauty of your carpet and rug.

Milliken products have higher twist levels than the industry average of 3.5 twists per inch. In fact, their products meet or exceed twist requirements of major fiber producers by 25%. Engineering high twist into the yarn is just one part of the extra quality Milliken adds to its products.

Premium Dyes For Rich, Beautiful Color
Milliken dyes their carpets and rugs with superior dyestuffs - the best available today. They carefully select these dyes to reduce fading and ensure long lasting beauty in your home. 

Milliken achieves the beautiful colors of their carpets and rugs with their exclusive computer-controlled Millitron, dyeing/finishing equipment that they invented and patented. Millions of computer commands control the dyeing and critical color matching so that in large areas of carpet, where seaming may be necessary, seams are virtually invisible.

Milliken's dye application is precision-controlled to give their rugs and carpet sharp images and patterns, assuring that their colors will always stay true. Milliken carpets and rugs come with MilliGuard 5-year soil and stain resist protection. MilliGuard significantly reduces soil accumulation and assists in soil removal during vacuuming and cleaning.

Milliken Carpets and Rugs - A Great Investment In Your Home
Our plants adhere to strict quality control procedures. They constantly inspect the quality of their carpets at every stage of their production, before one final inspection makes certain the carpet you receive is perfect. All Milliken products are proudly made in the USA.

From fiber to finish, Milliken Carpet gives you the highest quality. You can purchase a less expensive carpet, but it will not offer you the long-lasting beauty, easy care and cleaning, and long wear that Milliken products do.

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