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Milliken Tesserae Carpet Panel Owen Carpet Tesserae Beauty and functionality blend perfectly in a revolutionary carpet panel system called Tesserae from Milliken. Unlike traditional carpeting, the revolutionary new modular Tesserae carpet system is comprised of individual carpet panels that join together for a seamless fit. This gives you a rich, wall-to-wall carpet look and feel, with the advantage of modularity - individual panels can be replaced instantly if an area is ever damaged.

For the designer in you, Tesserae allows you to design a custom look without the custom price. Personalizing your space with borders, unique designs and inlays with over 24 beautiful colors has never been easier or more cost effective.

Milliken Tesserae Carpet Panel Owen Carpet Tesserae Tesserae panels are easy to maintain and are protected by 3M Scotchgard™ against stains, and is covered by their warranties. If you do get a stain, Milliken & Company recommends that all carpet be maintained with Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner. If an area does become severely damaged, it can simply be replaced with a new panel--no more worrying about wear and tear or stubborn stains in high-traffic areas. Tesserae is a 24”x24”frieze panel with a high density 8 lb. attached pad.

Both pet and kid friendly, each Tesserae panel comes with its own built-in moisture barrier--liquids are kept on top to prevent any leakage into the pad. This eliminates mold, mildew buildup, and the associated odors. It also protects your sub floor from any liquid related damage. Once installed, panels stay in place with the patent pending glueless TractionBack™--it protects the subfloor and allows for the easy replacement of panels. (Like a post-it note!) Panels may be installed on any surface, provided the surface is smooth, level and clean.

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Touch Collection
Essentials Collection
Spectrum Collection
Milliken's Tesserae Touch Carpet Tile Collection is offered in 12 lustrous colors and is a 32-ounce frieze nylon carpet constructed in 24" square panels.
The Essentials collection is a 39oz frieze available in 16 colors. It is made of 100% Milliken WearOn® Premium nylon. Available in 13'6" broadloom and 24"carpet tiles.
Spectrum is a 45oz heavy weight frieze available in 24 colors. It is made of 100% Solutia WearDated® nylon. Available in 13'6" broadloom and 24" carpet tiles.
Milliken Touch
Carpet Tile
Milliken Essentials
Carpet Tile
Milliken Spectrum
Carpet Tile