Smartstrand Carpet Fiber
Everstrand Carpet Fiber | Scotchgard Soil & Stain Resistance

Mohawk offers a large variety of residential and commercial carpets under the Aladdin brand name. You will find that Owen carpet has great wholesale prices on all Aladdin carpet styles. Aladdin Carpet has long been a name associated with high performance carpets. The styles and textures available in Aladdin carpets today offer great design options at low prices when compared to other brands of carpet. Owen carpet is proud to be a long standing Aladdin carpet dealer, and offers fantastic wholesale Aladdin carpet prices. Give us a call for pricing on all your Aladdin carpet needs.


Mohawk Everstrand

Smartstrand is a carpet fiber made from the sugers found in corn. Dupont Sorona and Mohawk have entered into an agreement to produce this carpet with Bio-PDO. Thanks to this new partnership, 37% of Sorona carpets are being manufactured using renewable resources. Smartstrand is the first carpet product to offer both durability and stain protection, while making a low environmental impact. Mohawk Smartstrand carpet fiber is "only a kernal of corn away."


Mohawk Everstrand

Everstrand is an amazing new carpet fiber found in Mohawk's Aladdin carpet collection. Everstrand is made from the P.E.T. found in plastic bottles. 3 out of every 4 plastic bottles in America will become a Mohawk Carpet. Polyester carpet is best known for its stain resistance and color clarity and Mohawk's Everstrand P.E.T. takes these attributes to the next level. The US Food & Drug Administration reqiures that every plastic drinking bottle is made with only the highest quality P.E.T. resins, so you can be sure that every carpet made with Everstrand carpet fibers will last for many years.


Scotchgard Stain & Soil Resistance

The Aladdin collection makes use of the Scotchgard stain protection treatment. Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology is an advanced form of the traditional Scotchgard, is used in Aladdin carpets, and is exclusive to Mohawk. Mohawk uses Scotchgard to create a layer around every individual carpet fiber that will act as a stain and soil repellent. Thanks to the enhanced Scotchgard, spills will not stain if cleaned quickly.