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Mohawk is the leading innovator in Green Flooring technology. Mohawk has decided that making eco-friendly flooring makes the entire industry, and the entire planet, healthier and more efficient. Mohawk has followed through with the Green initiative by making 500 products out of recycled materials.

Mohawk Greenworks Carpet

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Smartstrand carpet is said to be "only a kernal of corn away." Smartstrand is made from the suger found in corn just like Splenda and other products. The Corn then ferments and eventually turns into Bio-PDO. The Dupont Sorona carpet fiber process replaces standard PDO with the renewable, corn-based BIO-PDO.

Corn to Smartstrand Carpet


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Mohawk recycles nearly 17-billion plastic bottles a year to produce Everstrand Carpet Fiber. The US Food & Drug Administration requires that plastic bottles are made with the best P.E.T. resins available. Thanks to the Food & Drug Adminstration's reqiurements, Mohawk has seen the opportunity to make the best P.E.T. carpet possible. Mohawk's Everstrand Carpet saves the already overfilled landfills from having to hold millions of pounds every year.

Bottles to Smartstrand Carpet


Mohawk Greenworks Hardwood

Mohawk has noticed the deconstruction industry and they ask why waste flooring? Since Mohawk recycles older hardwood flooring, Mohawk has brought some of the classic hardwood floors back into the industry and saved our landfills from thousands of pounds of wasted flooring. Some of the reclaimed products may show original antiquing and distressing, so you know that your hardwood floor has a story to tell the world. Mohawk Greenworks Hardwood


Mohawk Greenworks Laminate

Mohawk is doing its part to protet the evnironment and laminate flooring is no exception. Mohawk's laminate boards that are made in the U.S. are contain 75% recycled contents. Thanks to Mohawk's laminate producing process, our landfills are saved from at least 600 million pounds of materials.

Mohawk uses only fast-growing Southern Pine in their laminate production. Because of Mohawk's Green Laminate flooring, we save at least one billion pounds of wood waste each and every year. Mohawk is thankful for the flooring that the environment gives, so Mohawk suppliers plant 6 times more trees than they use in production.

Mohawk Greenworks Laminate


Mohawk Greenworks Ceramic Tiles

Mohawk Ceramic Tiles are manufactured to produce a little water waste as humanly possible, three Mohawk manufacturing facilities produce no water waste whatsoever. All of the manufacturers that produce water waste try to recycle and reuse the water waste they produce. In 2006, thanks to the Greenworks Ceramic Tiles, at least 64 million gallons of water waste were reused to produce more ceramic tiles. Mohawk has revamped their ceramic tile factories to save fuel that could fuel more 6,000 homes and enough electricity to power 1,700 for a year.

Mohawk Greenworks Ceramic Tile