Smartstrand Carpet Fiber
Wear-Dated Nylon Carpet Fiber | Scotchgard Soil & Stain Resistance

Mohawk offers a large variety of residential carpets under the Horizon brand name. You will find that Horizon carpets offer great durability and comfort in the medium to upper price ranges for most types of carpet. Mohawk uses Wear-Dated Nylon in many Horizon carpets, while also using Dupont Smartstrand carpet fibers in other carpet styles. Scotchgard is added as a stain prevention agent to many of these Horizon carpets which keeps your new carpet looking better longer. Owen Carpet offers great wholesale prices on all Horizon carpet styles, and we are proud to be a certified Mohawk Horizon Carpet Dealer. Give us a call for wholesale prices on any of your Mohawk Horizon carpet needs.


Mohawk Smartstrand

Smartstrand Carpet Fiber is made from corn sugers, just like Splenda the artificial sweetener. Thanks to Mohawk, this corn based carpet fiber dramatically reduces the need for oil. This special carpet fiber requires 30% less energy to produce and emits 63% less Greenhouse gases compared to the traditional nylon alternative.

The Smartstrand carpet fiber treatment coats each individual fiber with and invisible shield to make your new carpet so strong it can even resist bleach. The Smartstrand fiber treatment will never wear out or wash off, so you will never have to retreat this carpet collection. Smartstrand is a perfect carpet fiber for the money because it is good for the environment and helps your carpet resist stain and soil damage.


Mohawk Smartstrand

Wear-Dated is an exeptional nylon carpet fiber that is recognized world wide for its many positive attributes. From frieze to saxony, Wear-Dated can create almost any type of carpet. Each Wear-Dated carpet fiber is constructed to absorb the carpet dye in order to produce rich, beautiful color without having to break your wallet. Thanks to Wear-Dated's carpet constuction standards, only the best of the best in color and durability will ever be installed in a customer's home.


Scotchgard Stain & Soil Resistance

Scotchgard provides extra strength to the already stain resistant Horizon Collection. The Scotchgard treatment covers the entire carpet and wraps each fiber in a stain and soil resistant cocoon. Scotchgard is known to be one of the best stain and soil resistant treaments in the world, and Scotchgard takes this to the next level with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology. Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology can only be found in Mohawk carpets.