Wear-Dated Nylon Carpet Fiber
Scotchgard Soil & Stain Resistance | Stainmaster Carpet Brand

Mohawk offers many styles of carpet under the WundaWeve brand name. WundaWeve uses Wear-Dated nylon in its carpets so you can be sure that it is some of the best carpet on the market. Thanks to the Scotchgard treatment, every WundaWeve carpet is stain and soil resistant. Some of the carpets in the WundaWeve brand are constructed using the illustrious Stainmaster Carpet Fiber. Considering this carpet could add class or create individuality in your home.


Mohawk Smartstrand

Wear-Dated is now a world renowned carpet fiber product. Wear-Dated is made for any high traffic area thanks to Wear-Dated's special carpet construction standards. Wear-Dated products are constructed in many different styles and colors, so they are designed to add to any decor. Wear-Dated scientists test every new Wear-Dated carpet style for durability and color fading, so you can be sure your wear-Dated carpet is the best of the best in flooring.


Scotchgard Stain & Soil Resistance

Wunda Weve is an excellent carpet brand, and Scotchgard takes Wunda Weve's already powerful stain and soil resistance to the highest level possible. Scotchgard is a powerful tool in the fight against carpet stains, and every Wunda Weve brand carpet is treated with Scotchgard. Scotchgard wraps each carpet fiber in an invisible layer of stain fighting material to make you carpet look beautiful for as long as possible.



Stainmaster brand carpets are made to be long lasting, beautiful carpets that will fit perfectly into any home. All Stainmaster carpets are made of the absolute strongest nylon in the world to ensure your floor will last under heavy traffic. Stainmaster carpet products repel dust, and other items of that nature, to increase the efficiency of vacuuming. Stainmaster carpets are made with an anti-static system, to eliminate painful and annoying shocking.