You will need a utility knife, a carpenter’s square, a chalk line, a tape measure, a 100-lb. threesection roller, a pencil, and a 1/16” x 1/16” x 1/16” square-notched trowel. When cutting the NAFCO product, score the face of the product with a sharp blade and snap it apart.

Underlayment / Subfloors:
NAFCO Recommends an APA approved ¼ inch plywood underlayment on single wood subfloors. Always remember to patch seams with a Portland cement based patching compound to level surface irregularities. Concrete subfloors are also great for NAFCO installations. Be sure to check for moisture and prep the floor properly before installation. Another suitable application for the NAFCO product is over existing resilient floors.

Here are a few helpful tips when going over existing resilient floors:

  • NAFCO should be no more than the third layer of flooring on a surface
  • NAFCO should only be installed if the existing floor is secure and level
  • When placing NAFCO over sheet vinyl, the existing product must be full spread adhesive
  • Some installations may need a skim coat of Portland cement based patching compound.

Floor Layout:
When installing NAFCO tile/plank, there are many options to consider for installation and design. NAFCO products can be installed using a stagger, diagonal, or straight lay method. For information pertaining to these methods, please call technical services at 1-800-227-4662.

NAFCO offers three excellent adhesives: NAFCO #800, NAFCO #400, and NAFCO #850.

NAFCO #800 is designed for convenience and quality. This adhesive is pressure sensitive and should be allowed to dry completely before an installation begins. Please consult the adhesive chart and/or technical services to ensure proper use of this adhesive.

NAFCO #400 is a wet-set adhesive that should be spread and installed with an open time not exceeding 20 minutes. Please consult the adhesive chart and/or technical services to ensure proper use of this adhesive.

NAFCO #850 is a semi-wet/semi-dry set adhesive. This product is designed for installing NAFCO plank and/or brick over properly prepared existing resilient floors. Allow this adhesive to set up or skin over for approximately 30 minutes before installing NAFCO. Please consult the adhesive chart and/or technical services to ensure proper use of this adhesive.

Product Concrete APA - Approved
Radiant Heated
Existing Resilient;
Residential Only
Tile/ Modular 800 800 400 800
Plank 400 400 400 850
Brick* 400 400 400 850
Tile/ Plank 400 400 400 850

* Brick products used on walls require #700 adhesive.

Things to Remember:

  • NAFCO floors are only as level as the surface on which they are applied.
  • Any subfloor irregularities should be leveled with a Portland cement based patching compound.
  • Be sure the correct NAFCO product is matched with the correct adhesive for the installation.
  • All installations should be rolled with a 100-lb. roller.
  • Do not wash the flooring for 48 hours following the installation.

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