Optix is specifically designed to hold up well under commercial use. This solution dyed olefin carpet provides excellent wear and stain resistance. With Optix, you get the beauty of a commercial graphic loop. There is a checker-stitched pattern that runs across the carpet to add contrast, and also allows for a wide range of uses. Optix can be used in business settings such as offices, stores, or restaurants that get moderate traffic.

$9.81/sq.yd. = $1.09/sq.ft.

12 Foot Wide Rolls In Stock
Excellent Wear and Stain Resistance
28 oz. Olefin Carpet
100% Solution Dyed Olefin
2 1/4" x 2 1/4" Pattern Repeat
Commercial Graphic Loop Carpet

Designer Office Carpet

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Optix - Gold Stock
Gold Stock
Optix - Landscape
Optix - Mountain Ridge
Mountain Ridge
Optix - Old Brick
Old Brick
Optix - Omega

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