6lb 7/16" Rebond
6lb 7/16" Rebond Pad
Basic Carpet Pad
30 sq.yds / roll
8lb 7/16" Rebond
8lb 7/16" Rebond Pad
Upgrade Carpet Pad
20 sq.yds / roll

Rebond carpet pad is the most common type of carpet padding used in homes and businesses. This is due to rebond carpet pads unique construction of utilizing the benefits of other pad types in one form.

Rebond carpet padding is constructed of several different foam particles fused into one piece of padding. The different kinds of foam used to create rebond pad give it the added features which are not available in a foam pad made of only one type of foam. Rebond carpet padding is mainly constructed of recycled pieces of foam from carpeting, car seats, furniture, or other items which have foam.

The combinations of foam used in rebond pad enhance its durability, and comfort level. The combination of foam is the result of bonding the pieces together either by a liquid adhesive or flame.

Some advantages of Rebond Pad include:
• Available in many densities and thickness to suit any installation.
• Contains the many benefits of other foam pads in one pad.
• Increased durability and wear due to the fused construction of foam particles.
• Increases the lifespan of your carpet.
• Acts as an additional insulator and sound dampener.
• Adds additional comfort underfoot.