Rubber Carpet Pad
3/8" Rubber Pad
80 oz - 21lb
15 sq.yds / roll
Rubber Carpet Pad
7/16" Rubber Pad
100 oz - 21lb
15 sq.yds / roll

Rubber carpet pad is naturally moisture resistant and hypoallergenic. This provides for superior subfloor protection while giving excellent comfort and durability underfoot. Rubber pad extends the carpet life by reducing carpet pile crush, helping all grades of carpet to look and perform better, and allowing ease of maintenance. Dirt will not penetrate rubber padding's protective skin and become trapped inside of the cushion. Rubber pad greatly increases the ability to steam clean and vacuum carpet by keeping the dirt above the carpet pad.

Benefits of Rubber Pad :
• Extends Carpet Life.
• Comfortable to walk, work, and live on.
• Install on any grade.
• Easy to maintain.
• Absorbs sound.
• Resists moisture penetration.
• Toxicity Tested to prove that rubber pad is no more hazardous than wood.
• Meets local and national flame spread and smoke density requirements.
• Eliminates high/low areas, hard spots, and lumpiness caused by cushions manufactured from scrap materials.
• Preferred by the manufacturers of radiant heated floors.