Shaw Green Edge

Shaw EcoWorx is an innovative carpet backing developed by Shaw Carpet. EcoWorx was developed to be part of the Shaw Green Edge initiative. This is the first 100% sustainable carpet backing. It is a proprietary thermoplastic polyolefin compound with a fiberglass-reinforcing layer. Shaw EcoWorx contains no chemical plasticizers which migrate if installed over old adhesive.

EcoWorx meets or exceeds PVC backed carpets in all performance categories, is 40% lighter than traditional carpet backing, and has lower transport costs. These advancements all mean that Shaw EcoWorx carpet backing is superior, and significantly reduces greenhouse emissions. Not only does it reduce emissions, Shaw EcoWorx is extremely low in VOC's. In addition to this, EcoWorx exceeds the protocols for the Green Label Certification under CRI's Indoor Air Quality Program.

In addition to all of its other benefits, Shaw EcoWorx has a Class 1 fire rating. This means that EcoWorx is far superior to PVC in low smoke generation. It contains its own moisture barrier, as tested by the 24 hour British Spill test, and comes with FlorSept antimicrobial protection to inhibit microorganism growth.

EcoWorx Carpet Tile Construction

Benefits of using Shaw EcoWorx:
  • EcoWorx can be fully recycled into more Shaw EcoWorx again and again. This is done through granulation for the extrusion process.
  • Contains 40% recycled content by total backing weight.
  • Shaw was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency with the 2003 presentation of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. This award recognizes businesses which have discovered innovative ways to significantly reduce pollution at its sources, and have used chemistry to improve the environment.
  • Assessed by MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle Design Protocol, a third-party system created by renowned designer William McDonough, and German chemist, Michael Braungart.
  • Equal to, or better than PVC in all performance categories.
  • Lighter in weight than PVC by 40%, lowering transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Free Pick-up of your Shaw EcoWorx products is available, enabling it to be recycled for more Shaw EcoWorx products.
  • For complete sustainability, combine Shaw EcoWorx backing with Eco Solution Q fiber for a 100% sustainable product.
EcoWorx Carpet Tile Diagram

Want to learn more about Shaw EcoWorx? Read the Shaw EcoWorx Specifications.