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Shaw Flooring is intent on improving life by design. They're committed to change for the better— so they're improving their products, operational systems, communities, and our planet. They know that a thriving business looks a lot like a thriving ecosystem; interrelated, symbiotic, and evolving. It's a simple idea, but when put into practice by Shaw's 31,000 employees; it amounts to something huge. Positive progress by every means possible is the Shaw Green Edge initiative.

The Shaw Green Edge program is focused on making the world a much cleaner place through smart business practices, and technological innovations. They have created several initiatives to better the production of flooring; not only to help the environment for this generation, but the next as well. When you buy a product that has the Shaw Green Edge logo on it, you are supporting their benefit to the global community.

Shaw Bio Deisel The initiatives part of the Shaw Green Edge come from products which are Eco-friendly, or services dedicated to helping the environment. Some of the products that Shaw has created with the Shaw Green Edge philosophy are:

About Shaw Green Edge

Shaw knows that conservation is not enough to sustain our world. That’s why they are making the long-term investments which will move us toward a future filled with resource independence and abundance. They have been researching the resource challenges which face us in the coming decades, and are making the necessary changes now for a better tomorrow. Shaw believes in progress by every means, and this shows in the flooring products they create with the Shaw Green Edge initiative.

The world population exceeded 6 billion in 2002, and is projected to reach 8 billion by 2025. It is expected that in the future, nearly all population growth will occur in the developing world. This will put an enormous strain on existing land, water, and energy resources.

The global production and consumption of energy increased in the 1990s, with fossil fuels experiencing the greatest increase over nuclear and renewable energy sources. The global average surface temperature is increasing, and sea levels are rising about 1 cm per decade. High risk storms and droughts have increased in frequency and intensity as a result of this ecological change.

Shaw Industries has a long history of excellence in training their employees and customers. They lead the industry in quality and value with their products, and continually drive the market with innovative solutions and operational advancements. As part of their commitment to evolving their company and improving the industry at large, they offer opportunities for their employees and customers to learn and grow with them at the Shaw Learning Academy.

Shaw is exploring the use of biodiesel as an alternative energy source for transport. They are also innovating practices that reduce waste and produce clean energy through gasification processes. Shaw knows that resource depletion is a complex and pressing issue. That’s why they are implementing immediate strategies, and engaging in long-term research to benefit their company and our planet.

Nearly half of the world’s population will experience water shortages by 2025. This is due to an uneven distribution of fresh water sources, and the high cost of long distance transfer. About 40% of the world’s population live in river basins with less than 2000 cubic meters of water per person per year for all purposes.

Shaw has taken recycling to a whole new level. They are embracing the concept of birth and rebirth in the textile community for Shaw Carpet. At their Evergreen Carpet Recycling facility, they are using discarded carpet to make new carpet. This prevents landfills from becoming laden with warn and ruddy carpet, and ensures that our resources are used for other production.

Shaw Industries is reducing the amount of fresh water used in their production processes, and cleaning the water that leaves their manufacturing cycle. They are pioneering a dyeing technology that uses far less water, and dyes that don’t contain toxic heavy metals. The goal is to keep fresh water available for household use, and to keep toxins out of the environment.

Green Edge Hardwood

Almost all deforestation is due to the expansion of agriculture. Nearly 30% of the world’s major watersheds have lost ¾ of their original forest cover, reducing water quality and increasing the risk of flood. Nearly 9% of all known tree species are at risk of extinction. This is why Shaw Hardwood has developed the most sustainable engineered hardwood flooring in the world. Epic Hardwood Flooring is not only manufactured with recycled wood, it sets new benchmarks in performance and durability.


Shaw Carpet is not only using the Shaw Green Edge program to better utilize their products, they are working on ways to improve their distribution as well.

Shaw is currently working towards the purchase of B100 biodiesel from local suppliers. This will be used for processing in Shaw Carpet Plants 34 and 64, and for use by their truck fleet. Biodiesel significantly reduces emissions, as well as our dependence on foreign oil. This is because biodiesel is a clean burning alternative energy source, produced from domestic renewable resources. Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but can be mixed to create a biodiesel blend used in compression-ignition (diesel) engines with great results. It's easy to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur. Biodeisel is renewable from domestic sources such as soybeans, has lower emissions, and is better for you and the environment.

Evergreen Carpet Recycling

Shaw Evergreen Carpet Recycling Shaw Carpet Plant 8Z collects 100 million pounds of post-consumer carpet waste. Their facility in Augusta recovers essential technical nutrients from your old carpet, allowing them to put those nutrients back into the manufacturing cycle. It's like recycling, but better because the material is not downgraded into another product that would likely end up in a landfill. They are turning old carpet into new carpet again and again. This process is called cradle-to-cradle, a concept modeled after nature. Shaw believes that a thriving business looks a lot like a thriving ecosystem – no waste, only food.

How carpet recycling works:

Shaw's collection system recovers your post-consumer carpet waste. Remember, this is not garbage; it's valuable material that will feed Shaw Carpet's manufacturing process. They bring this material back to the Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility for storage and processing. From this waste, they obtain Caprolactam. It's the basic building block of Anso Nylon 6 fiber. Caprolactam pellets are shipped to their Yarn Extrusion Plant where they are turned into white Nylon 6 fiber. This fiber becomes Shaw Carpet, which is sold and enjoyed by their customers. When the carpet reaches the end of its useful life, it doesn't get buried in a landfill. Shaw Industries will pick up your old carpet, and bring it back to the Evergreen facility so the process can start all over again.

Shaw Learning Academy

Shaw's Corporate Training and Organizational Development has moved toward a corporate university model. This is the Shaw Learning Academy (SLA), which brings together all of the company's learning and development resources under one roof. The SLA is where all of the learning and development needs of Shaw's employees and customers are met.

The corporate university is comprised of eight colleges, each specialize in aspects as diverse as Careers for Excellence in Ethics and Compliance, Sales, Operations, Leadership, Business Management, Technology, Individual Development, and Retail. Training is offered in a variety of instructional modes which include: instructor-led, on-line, and blended learning, as well as meeting, planning, and facilitation services. The Shaw Learning Academy will also offer training sessions on "The Shaw Green Edge."

The Shaw Learning Academy is a Shaw Green Edge initiative that packages training to unify all functional areas of the business with one goal: delivering world class development opportunities and training services. Shaw Learning Academy's focus is to advance people at work, and serve as a partner in human development.