Trade Show is a commercial level loop carpet made with 100% Solution Dyed Nylon. It is virtually stain proof and with its dense loop pile construction will last many years. Trade Show is available 12ft wide in 26oz and 28oz face weights as well as Action or Unitary backings for stretch in or glue down applications. This provides the perfect commercial carpet solution for any business, hotel, school, or other commercial floor.

Available with Action or Unitary Carpet Backing

$10.98/sq.yd. = $1.22/sq.ft.

$11.97/sq.yd. = $1.33/sq.ft.

Call 1-800-626-6936 for Free Estimate
Quantity Discounts are Available
Trade Show 80101 Credit Line
80101 Credit Line
Trade Show 80103 Loan Officer
80102 Capital
Trade Show
80103 Loan Officer
Trade Show 80300 Percentage
80300 Percentage
Trade Show 80301 Share Holder
80301 Share Holder
Trade Show 80302 Bonds
80302 Bonds
Trade Show 80400 Quarterly
80400 Quarterly
Trade Show 80401 Options
80401 Options
Trade Show 80500 Annuity
80500 Annuity
Trade Show 80501 Deposit
80501 Deposit
Trade Show 80600 Checking
80600 Checking
Trade Show 80700 High Interest
80700 High Interest
Trade Show 80701 Insure
80701 Insure
Trade Show 80702 Withdrawal
80702 Withdrawal
Trade Show 80703 Savings
80703 Savings
Trade Show 80800 Fixed Rate
80800 Fixed Rate

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