We carry virtually every brand name of Residential and Commercial Vinyl Tile Flooring. You can shop locally in any flooring store, or request samples of our featured Vinyl Tile selections. Our Vinyl Tile Deals are your best value when it comes to Vinyl Tile Flooring. We can also special order the Vinyl Tile of your choice, and save you up to 40% off your local retail prices. Most vinyl tiles flooring products are great do it yourself items which can save you 50% or more on your total project cost. If you need help finding the perfect tile flooring for your home or office, please give us a call at 800-626-6936 to discuss your needs and design ideas so we can direct you to the best solution to fit your needs and budget.

Here Are Some Of The Vinyl Tile Brands We Carry

Amtico Vinyl Flooring
Amtico Vinyl Tile products are so realistic that only flooring experts will be able to tell the difference. With its variety of colors and sizes, Amtico Vinyl Tile can be the answer to your flooring dilemma.
Tarkett Azrock Vinyl Tile
Azrock Vinyl Tile offers innovative turnkey solutions, exceptional products, flexible choices and extraordinary quality. From new construction projects to partial and total retrofits, Azrock Vinyl Tile is the single-source resource that can cover all the bases for you.
Congoleum Vinyl Flooring Congoleum Flooring Ultima Vinyl DuraCeramic Vinyl
DuraCeramic Vinyl Tile is warmer to the touch, more comfortable underfoot, and faster and easier to install than traditional ceramic. DuraCeramic Vinyl Tile adds richness to a room and complements any decorating style you choose.
Congoleum Vinyl Flooring Congoleum Flooring Ultima Vinyl Durastone Vinyl
DuraStone Vinyl Tile embodies all the elements of marble, slate and stone. DuraStone also contains patterns that capture today's most popular decorating trends, DuraStone Vinyl Tile is perfect for any room in your home.
Earthwerks Vinyl Tile Flooring
Earthwerks Vinyl Tile is made to look like majestic mountains and other wonderous rock formations. Earthwerks Vinyl Tile is also 100% Recyclable and offers a wide variety of sizes, colors, and benefits.
Karndean Vinyl Tile
Karndean Vinyl Tile Flooring is made from an exceptionally durable from of commercial grade customized vinyl. Karndean vinyl flooring replicates all the beauty of natural hardwood with none of the practical drawbacks.
Congoleum Vinyl Flooring Congoleum Flooring Ultima Vinyl Durastone Vinyl
Konecto Vinyl Tile is beautiful, warm underfoot, and requires no adhesives. Konecto Vinyl Tile is installed easily; all you have to do is connect the strips and push the tiles together to complete your installation.
Mannington Vinyl Flooring
Mannington Vinyl Tile is a great value and is made for any commercial settings. Mannington is known for making some of the best vinyl products in the world and this Vinyl Composition Tile is no exception.
Nafco Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Nafco Vinyl Tile is the perfect vinyl flooring choice for any home or light commercial flooring application. Nafco Vinyl Tile offers a huge amount of products to help you customize your home or office.
Zaxxon Vinyl Flooring
Zaxxon Vinyl Tile can give any floor the beauty of true stone tile. Since Zaxxon is made for both commercial and residential use, Zaxxon Vinyl Tile will be a long lasting floor in any application.

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