Wide Width Vinyl Flooring allows for fewer seams that 12' wide vinyl can not give to certain room designs. To solve the problem associated with rooms of varying sizes, wide width vinyl was created to allow for larger spans of vinyl to be ran before another seam is needed. This allows for a more continuous appearance in your room. Owen Carpet has shopped for cheap discount wide width vinyl prices to bring you great looking vinyl at an affordable price. Not all manufacturers have the technology to manufacture wide width vinyl. We currently carry Congoleum 15' 6" wide width vinyl and Beauflor 16' 4" wide width vinyl.

Beauflor Wide Width Vinyl Flooring

Beauflor Wide Width Vinyl is 16' 4" wide and available in natural styles and colors to complement any room in your home. Beauflor wide width vinyl contains the look of ceramic, stone, and wood floors to add a touch of elegance floor.

Congoleum Wide Width Vinyl Flooring

Congoleum Wide Width Vinyl is 15' 6" wide with many styles and colors to choose from. Allow the beauty of stone, ceramic, and hardwood flooring to accent your room with Congoleum wide width vinyl.

Flexitec Wide Width Vinyl Flooring

Flexitec Wide Width Vinyl is 13' 2" wide and is available in 8 different styles. Flexitec is one of the most authentic looking vinyl floors in the world. Flexitec is a very strong vinyl floor than can be installed over almost any subfloor.

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