Zaxxon Ionique Vinyl Plank Flooring can add the natural beauty of hardwood to you home while eliminating harmful bacteria. Pets are no problem for this vinyl plank because it charges the air with negative ions that effectively reduces, or even eliminates, most pet odors. This beautiful vinyl plank is coated with with High Performance Urethane in order to make maintenance easy and worry-free. If you love hardwood flooring, but have allergies or enjoy a higher level of clean air, then Zaxxon Ionique Vinyl Plank is a perfect choice for your home or business.

  • Reduces Common Germs
  • Dramatically Slows Mold Progression
  • Hardwood Alternative
  • Reduces Common VOC's

10-Year Commercial Warranty
Lifetime Residential Warranty

Plank Size - 7.1" x 35.4"
Wear Layer - 0.5 mm
Thickness - 3 mm

Zaxxon Ionique Vinyl Plank W3414 Cinnamon Oak
W3414 Cinnamon Oak
Zaxxon Ionique Vinyl Plank W3451 Butterscotch
W3451 Butterscotch
Zaxxon Ionique Vinyl Plank W3453 Coffee Ebony
W3453 Coffee Ebony
Zaxxon Ionique Vinyl Plank W3454 Chestnut
W3454 Chestnut
Zaxxon Ionique Vinyl Plank
W3459 Mocha Birch

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